Is Your Memory Failing You?

Not to worry. A Report from the University of Alberta has just found that we can reverse mental decline. This is especially true when we just don’t give in to the usual adage that once we reach a certain age, our memory declines. Chuck this out. Time to visit the Library and get some poetry books. Memorizing poems is good mental exercise.

Learn a new language. Why not? Enrol in a course in your local community college.

Take up photography. A Report from the Association for Psychological Science said that learning mentally demanding skills like photography improves cognitive thinking in older people.

It looks like those who have been curious at an early age and have well developed mental habits have a better chance but for those of us who have not, there is still a chance. Most of us now look forward to a longer life span.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn from my childhood friend yesterday that her Mom is already 96 and has not shown much decline in memory though she has a stooped back now. Two childhood friends have mothers who are now over 100 and with minds still functioning well.

I just turned 65 and I tell you, Tennyson and Longfellow are now residents in my mind. Being more social engages the mind which reminds me of those tea afternoons when invited speakers talk of matters of consequence and discussion ensues afterwards. Remember, how you made fun of those when you were teens? Well, maybe at 65 you’ll start recognizing their value.

Time to take the steps to keep the brain active. Keep exercising your brain. It will surprise you.