Why Terrific Sleep Is A Must for Seniors

Sleep is the body’s natural way of relieving stress, relaxing tired muscles, energizing the system, and making the body strong and healthy. Studies proved that people must sleep for at least eight hours a day for the body to function well.

However, due to our crazy lifestyle and the troubles the battles that go on in the day by day life, we short change ourselves of sleep.

Sleep deprivation refers to the body’s lack of sleep due to many factors. And once you miss it, it’s gone. You can’t make up for it. So, why is sleep deprivation a common occurrence in today’s Seniors? What are the causes, symptoms, and effects of the no snooze body bruise!

Causes of Sleep Deprivation

There are many explainable causes of sleep deprivation:

  • First, it could be because of your own choice. Sometimes you sleep very late at night because you still have work to finish or enjoy watching movies or prefer finishing a book you have started to read. Some nuts think it shows toughness to be able to crimp on the Z’s. This idiocy is inexplicable!
  • Next, illness can also keep you awake most of the night. You have medicines to take, and the feeling of discomfort brought about by illness can disrupt you. Some medicines contain stimulants, which make it hard for sleep to come by. 
  • Then there’s the utter doofustry of the mega meal before crashing. The meal’s digestive consequences lead to the great toss and turn, and little rest. 
  • Furthermore, your sleeping environment can be the cause too. If you are new to a place, you live in a noisy neighborhood, or the room is too hot or cold, you will not be able to sleep soundly at all. On the other hand, some people suffer from sleep disorders like snoring and sleep apnea. Or the midnight kickers with legs flailing. ​

How can you tell that you are already depriving yourself of sleep? 

The symptoms of sleep deprivation are many. The first sign is the constant yawning. Sometimes, you will sleep in the middle of a meeting or when you are working on something. You find yourself groggy, especially in the morning. You feel like you no longer want to get out of your bed. Heroic dreamers leap to life as they kill dragons or fall off cliffs. 

And the consequences of sleep shortfall? 

A shortfall in sleep makes you feel out of sorts. You become irritable, moody, and hot-tempered. You snap at people and become easily affected by the most superficial changes or problems. You also start to lose concentration.

It seems you no longer focus on the matters at hand and began to commit more mistakes. Your nose becomes painful as you doze and slam your fact into the table.

Depriving yourself of sleep…or more correctly, depriving yourself of rest, is very unhealthy.

There are many nasty effects of sleep deprivation:

  • For starters, it can significantly affect your work performance. You will lack the drive to work, become less efficient, and commit many mistakes. You will no longer be able to make wise decisions or get along with your fellow workers. 
  • Next, it can be detrimental to your health. You will become thinner since you are always restless, and you lack appetite. You may get dark circles under your eyes, and your skin may become dry and wrinkly. 

Remedies for sleep deprivation

So…prepare for sleep as you would for a marathon or an important event. 

   • Make sure the room temperature is comfortable, and the mattress works for you. 

   • How many pillows? How big? How soft?

   • Duvet or blankets. Think. It all makes a difference to your comfort. 

   • Exercise between a moderate dinner and hitting the sheets. No coffee or coke. 

   • Booze? Hahahaha. 

   • White noise? It works for some. 

   • Snore proofer? Lots available over the counter. 

Sleep with no rest makes no sense. There are so many things you can do to stay youthful, healthy, and strong. But you will get a head start by sleeping correctly and giving your body enough rest. ​

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