Whatever Your Dream Is, Go For It

Dreamers, where are you? Buried in security, stability, and safety. Wallowing in wealth maybe, but tired and weary. Yes, millions of Seniors today have given up on their dreams. They go through life doing the same dreary thing day after day. They know it is dismal, but they stick to it. It is familiar, and there is comfort in the expected. Are you one of these?

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Once in a while, a desire comes, but rationalizations often cloud such desire. The “what ifs” are so firmly ingrained that somehow, whatever desire comes up immediately is squashed or placed aside on the back burner. 

As early as childhood, our social environment has made us think of security and safety before allowing our desires to get the better of us. Wishes passion are not to be trusted. And we pass on the same to our children as we repeat the often-remembered scripts our parents or grandparents used to say. 

How do we get out of this conditioning and allow our dreams to once more drag us from our safe and secure corners and explore what is unknown and unfamiliar? Here are some suggestions that may work for you:

  1. Listen to the inner voice in you. Our life is cluttered and filled with so much noise that we hear our inner desires and longings, the big things we thought about in our younger years when our social environment had not yet affected us much. We thought we could be Superman, Luke Vader, or Sky Walker. 
  2. Try out new things. You never know some things may interest you if you never try them. Usually, we do something we are used to and know of. But find out about other activities and events and see how you can participate and get engaged. You can be part of so many circles in your life right now that you may be unaware of or have just dismissed all these years. Give it a try. 
  3. Meet new people. This experience is essential for those of you who may have just lived in close circles of family and friends. Try to hang around people who are entirely different from you, and chances are they will bring you to activities you never even thought about or have always dreaded doing.
  4. Educate yourself. New opportunities appear when you learn about other things you don’t know about. Some of those may not have crossed your mind because you had no information about them.
  5. Be aware. Watch your day-to-day activities, which get much more attention and give you more life. Notice what truly matters to you.
  6. Talk about some of the things that catch your attention and engagement. Learn more about it from people, books, and experiences of others. As you get more engaged, watch your reaction, and they give you feedback. If you feel the passion in you building up for whatever you get engaged in, go for it. 

Countless experiences and research have validated that people who pursue their dreams are much more successful in their work and, most significantly, in their personal lives. It’s time to let that dream come true.

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Hi. I'm Mary. I have a Ph.D. in Organization Development and worked as a consultant on education in several countries. Now, I am a Senior and enjoy all the opportunities and challenges that this age brings. I love to travel, write, paint, and create. Most of my articles are in this site: https://goglobaltoday.com

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  1. This is an inspiring article. Our mom is already in her 70s, and we always encourage her to go out and spend time with her friends, meet new people, or try new things. Old age should never be a hindrance to reaching one’s dreams.

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