What Would 2021 Be Like for Seniors?


Seniors are at the forefront of today’s discussion, given the issue of vaccination. Most of these discussions highlight the vulnerability of Seniors.

A Beautiful Day

While we accept that Seniors are more vulnerable to this Covid virus, let’s take this as a challenge. We can improve our immune system and our health so we can be more potent against the virus. Vaccination helps, but we should not depend on it.

There will be more variants to come and more viruses, so the best way for us to improve our health and our immune system. Improving our health gives us stronger immunity and enhances our life. How do we go about this?

  1. Stay close to your doctor. Have your regular check-up and review the results with your doctor even if you go online.
  2. Read up and learn about your issues. Just don’t accept everything your doctor says. Help him out. If you are borderline diabetic, read up on this. You can use so much information online or even offline (library) and discuss the information with your doctor or a medical practitioner who knows about these things. 
  3. Food Intake. When we eat, it is not to satisfy our cravings. It is to feed ourselves so that this self can function well. Eat a variety of food, so you get all the nutrients your body needs. Value yourself and provide it well. Again, you can read about the food that will make your issues better.  
  4. Exercise. For heaven’s sake, stop giving reasons that the gyms are closed, the weather is horrible, or there is nowhere, and no one to do it with, and your type wants to do it in a group. Really? Recently, I decided to do my exercise in the morning. I accept that walking is a bit hard because of the snow, but you can learn other exercise forms on Youtube. I do the Joints exercises I knew before, and after a week, I feel my body more alive. I have more energy and balance. To do a bit more, I put on music and danced to it. I do it in my living room. Each time I stand up from the couch, I try to do a bit of exercise.
  5. Sleep. The exercises help me get better sleep. It could be something else for some of you, but I know that going to bed regularly helps. So, even if the series I am watching on television is exciting and I want to see what happens next, I tell myself that this would be exciting to know tomorrow and help me look forward to another viewing. If you have a severe problem, it could be something you need to discuss with your doctor. He could recommend other measures to help you.
  6. Engagement. To have something meaningful to do is essential. Have a hobby. Learn a new language. Learn a new skill. Learn to dance the salsa. Join a cause or a group. Whatever takes your fancy, please do it. 
  7. Build and maintain your network. Call people in your family regularly. Or, your friends and laugh with them. Be in touch. Community is so important to being alive. Being in touch helps stimulate your mind and expand your mind from the things that occupy you in your world. Laugh with them.
  8. Share. Brag about the new cake you baked. Share this with your friends or family. Tell them about the books you enjoyed reading. When you make people happy, you become fulfilled, too. 
  9. Dream. There is so much to look forward to once we contain this virus. Visualize the places you want to visit, the food you want to taste, the clothes and fashion accessories you want to try, the people you want to see, and the other things you want to do that you can’t do now. Create the future you love.
  10. Focus on these nine things. These things you can easily do can help get you away from boredom and loneliness, improve your health and strengthen your immunity from any other virus. 

Before you go, here’s a video that will help you create the life you want: